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Friday, December 14, 2012

"Our Hearts Are Broken"

Woke up to devastating news about another senseless massacre in the US where around 25 victims, mostly ages 5-10 years old were shot by a disturbed young man.

I saw President Obama's address to the nation about the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and felt his pain and cried with him as he delivered the sad news to the country.

When President Obama said that these children were deprived of "birthdays, graduations, weddings and kids of their own", my heart began to break as he had said, "our hearts are broken today". Here I was so worried about not being able to give a fancy Christmas gift to my son this year due to my lack of finances when at that part of the world, those parents weren't even going to have a Christmas ever with their children who were taken away from them so suddenly.

At Marti's 4th birthday
As the President ended his speech saying that he would be going home that night and hugging his children a little tighter, I hugged my son Marti now 13 years old and thought of him when he was about the age of those victims, overwhelming me with gratitude to the Lord for all these years that I am able to hug Marti, celebrate every occasion with him and look forward to graduations, his wedding and to my grandchildren. 

Recent photo with my son Marti

I write this post for the victims, their family, as well as to the survivors and pray for their comfort and healing at this very sad and difficult time. 
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