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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fighting Dengue: Homemade Mosquito Trap

Overheard Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja of DZMM's Dos Por Dos yesterday discussing the alarming mortality statistics of dengue or dengue haemorrhagic fever in the world and learned that there was a homemade mosquito trap that is economical but so effective! Problem was the instructions were in Chinese (to see the actual website of the Chinese version click here)!

Luckily, I found this other site which explained the instructions in English though there were no pictures included.
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Grace To Be Born

Through Brother Bo Sanchez, I came across Grace To Be Born: a refuge for unwed mothers and unwanted babies. Being a single mom, this place and the people behind its cause tugged at my heart. Piquing my interest, I corresponded with Brother Rey Ortega who heads the shelter and found out that they are now supporting 11 mothers and 14 babies. Although they receive donations, they still need a lot such as Bonna milk for newborn babies, Bonnamil milk for babies 6 months and older as well as baby clothes. I promised to help in any way I can to support the mothers and babies there so if you are interested to donate, you can check their Needs List here.

Am planning to visit the shelter by the end of September to deliver baby stuff I gathered so if you want to donate but don't have the time to go there, I can meet up with you at a mutually convenient place to receive your donations. Please e-mail me at or PM me at
I'll make sure these are delivered to the shelter care of Brother Rey.

For more information on Grace To Be Born, you may contact: (Mr. Rey Ortega) (Mrs. Myrna Ortega) (Jan Capili, RSW)
02 - 501 0965

God bless!
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