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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Manna Stories

In want of a good read, I went through my mini (more of micro-mini) library and decided to re-read all of my Bo Sanchez books starting with Simplify and Create Abundance.

I was in the part about the manna stories and suddenly realized that ever since I renewed my relationship with God with the help of the Makati Feast that my life is actually full of manna stories, more now that I am in the desert of my life: sole breadwinner and no one to depend on after years of support from my parents and relatives. 

Just a few weeks ago prior to the opening of classes, Marti and I went to the mall to buy school shoes, the only item missing from our list for school stuff. Checking my savings account I had P2,000.00 left. Wow. And payday was one week away! Bravely, I withdrew P1,000.00 and whispered a prayer to leave us enough for dinner and taxi fare. Guess what. The only shoes that would fit Marti cost P700.00! That night we went home with only P100.00 in my wallet, just enough for my fare going to work the following day. Marti saw the worried look on my face again and tried to comfort me saying, "don't worry Mom, God will provide!" I tried to smile because the worst thing I want Marti to feel is my panic and although he was trying to console me,  I saw a tinge of worry in his face too. Growing up, I experienced the same thing from my Mom and I dreaded seeing her worry so my sister and I grew up not asking for anything even when our family finances improved very well starting our high school years.

Following day Friday, I went to work almost in tears, desperately asking God for a miracle that day. Soon as I arrived the office, I posted in Facebook that I was praying for a miracle and several Makati Feasters offered consolation and prayers. Was so touched that they didn't even know what it was I needed and yet they were there helping! Moments later, the miracle arrived via e-mail and barely 2 hours from asking for it: 

Apparently, I earned a commission from promoting my internet mentor Jomar Hilario's seminars. An American visited one of my blogs and joined Jomar's Online Mentoring Club from within my site! As I told Marti about the story, he converted the commission less the taxes and told me that I would be getting roughly P900.00---same amount I spent last night on his shoes and for dinner. Yep, that's manna alright!

So the Lord has proven yet again that "You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it."---Matthew 21:22.

And once again, the Lord has shown me that He is busily although stealthily working His plans in my life and as long as I put my entire trust in Him, He will remain faithful to His promises.

So what's your manna story?


My title picture reminded me of the first story I had originally wanted to blog about manna stories!

It goes like this: on my 2nd day as a commuter---my car was being overhauled prior to finally selling it---I was counting my fare and realized that it was lacking P1.00 for my tricycle-jeepney-tricycle ride to work! So I had to borrow some coins from my Grace To Be Born piggy bank and headed out the door. I hopped on to a jeepney bound for Libertad and since I was the only passenger, I had to slid nearer to the driver to pay the fare. As I came near the driver, I saw something shiny on the seat: it was a P1.00 coin! Was smiling throughout the ride, feeling God's generosity in that single coin and later that night, this story was what I shared in the warm-up segment of the Makati Feast where the emcee asked us to share "what made you smile today?".

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When God Speaks, It's Rarely A Whisper!

Ok, this post has been long overdue. I've been writing it for almost 2 weeks and after several paragraphs, I had to scratch the entire thing! Much like the inspiring talk of our Feast Builder, Brother Randy Borromeo at the first-ever Makati Feast Sunday held last May 29, 2011 at the Makati Cinema Square.

As Bro. Randy narrated, he had been preparing his talk, "Ready, Set, Grow" (hope I got the title right) for 3 weeks and yet in the middle of it, he decided to throw away his script. He said "this is isn't working" and put aside the papers in his hand. I think I know what he meant. There was this heavy silence in the room which is so unlikely of our Feast gatherings. I thought I heard a tinge of disappointment in Bro. Randy's voice but it wasn't after all. Because when Bro. Randy raised his hand and claimed that there was someone in the audience desperately in need of healing and that his prayer was so powerful, Bro. Randy had to put aside his script, we were witnessing the true meaning of TOTAL SURRENDER to God's will! Literally, "Let go and let God"!

When Bro. Randy asked those people who needed healing because of the hopeless and terminal illness they were diagnosed with to stand up, several people stood up from our row and Marti and I prayed hard with the rest of the Feasters. I felt a little guilty again for despairing due to our financial difficulties when these brothers and sisters were experiencing far worse problems than we had. 

Suddenly Bro. Randy said, "there is someone here who has been ill in the stomach for so long. God wants you to know that there is hope and I want you to stand up and receive healing!" Marti looked at me with amazement, as I stood up, holding his hand and saying "Oh my God!"  It felt like I was splashed with a pail of cold water! I've lived with my digestive problems---IBS---for so long, I thought of it as not an illness anymore but something I just had to live with for the rest of my life! Until God called me out on that day...that Sunday that will stay in my memory for as long as I live! 

Brother Michael Angelo Lobrin put it best when he said, "I bow before your Majesty, o Lord!" With tears flooding, I was humbled again by the power of God's love. The Lord made me realize that He doesn't give up even when we give up!

So remember, when you think everything in your life seem hopeless, trust in the Lord because He will never ever lose faith in You!

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