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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Supplied by The Source of All Good Things

As requested by my friend Wendy from our Makati Feast community, I'm reposting here my write-up for the Feast Glorietta bulletin of January 20, 2013

Supplied by The Source of All Good Things
By Millicent Reyes

John Paul Getty, one of the richest American who ever lived, said this: “If you can count your money, then you don’t have a billion dollars”.

Well, in the last six months after I quit my high-paying job and my finances got almost depleted, my perspective on wealth has certainly changed a whole lot. I learned to count or value what is essential in my life and not what is impermanent. I thought that what I had lost was precious when in fact I had gained something that by God’s Grace has multiplied my abundance manifold: Humility. Humility has gained me more riches than ever: a better relationship with my Dad and his new family, more cordiality with my son’s father and his family, a career that lacked prestige but allowed me more time with my family and with more opportunities to serve in God’s Kingdom, and humility has even taught me to respect money by managing my finances to the very cent and living a simple life. Most of all, humility has taught me that all of my needs have been provided and will continue to be so by the Source of All Good Things who is the Heavenly Father.

Brother Randy Borromeo aptly began the first series of talks of the Makati Feast for this year entitled, Guaranteed: Three Things God Promises You; Talk 1: Supply with his favorite Bible verse from Philippians 4:19, “God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.” Many times, particularly when we are at our lowest, we fail to see the Hand of God working in our lives, providing what we actually need. We pray for a better job then get depressed when we don’t get it when actually God is teaching us to be better employees. We pray for freedom from debt yet we despair when our bills continue to pile up when God is actually teaching us to use money more wisely. We pray for better relationships and become hopeless when things don’t work out when God is teaching us to be more forgiving and loving. In all these scenarios God had already answered our prayers “according to His riches in glory” yet we fail to see it.

Do you think God doesn't hear your prayers, your dreams? Of course He does; He is the Architect of all dreams, the seeds of which He had planted within us! But aside from our eyes and hearts sometimes not open to the Goodness of the Lord, our current resources also do not match our dreams, delaying their fulfillment. Brother Randy shared that we must choose to either “downgrade” our dreams to match our resources or “upgrade” our resources to match our dreams. Whichever we choose, it would be God’s Perfect Will for His Will is solely for our goodness and nothing else.

So always, always remember your blessings since the adage “Count your blessings” seems an impossible feat now because after all, God’s Grace outnumbers all the billions of this world.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Lord Has Made Me Malleable!

It was another great start for the New Year with our return to our second family, the Makati Feast Legaspi which we haven't been to for so many months, even before the Christmas break.

Marti and I tagged along my nephew Asti whom the Feasters last saw when he was just a few months old and when they saw him already walking and in jeans, Asti's favorite Feasters Bro. Ed and Bro. Monty rushed to hug him. This is why I love coming here, you're always warmly welcomed, even warmer than attending a family reunion. Well, at least for me it feels that way. 

Tita Eva was there, with her bright smile and cozy hugs I always look forward to. Saw my Care Group (CG) mates Jen and Gail whom I haven't seen for awhile. Talked to Bro. Monty about the new CG of Separated Brothers and promised to compare notes later on how we could serve more brothers and sisters in our respective CGs.

Brother Randy's talk on "Solutions" was, as always, phenomenal. Let me share with you the notes of the talk I took down:
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