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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer is Out and It's Hot, Hot, Hot!

So the much awaited Fifty Shades of Grey teaser just came out and it hasn't been even 24 hours and the net is already heating up with all the excitement. Saw it this evening while having coffee with my boyfriend who was just about to wring the neck of a fictional character with the way I was swooning and blushing while watching the trailer...hehehe! 

Saw a lot of comments that Jamie Dornan is not a good fit as Christian Grey. But that's just what made this novel a bestseller: that every woman who has read it has her very own Christian Grey in her pretty little noggin' that no earthly creature could measure up to. I never liked Twilight but that's the same reaction Robert Pattinson got when he was cast as Edward but in the end fans couldn't get enough of him. 

At least Jamie's copper brown hair and piercing baby blues come close to Christian's. Let's cut him some slack and wait for the movie before any quick judgments are made.

Oh and Beyonce remaking her "Crazy in Love" for the movie's soundtrack, really does it for me. It's intense... steamy... erotic... perfect backdrop to Christian and Anastasia's story.

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